Frederic Legrand

SEO Specialist

“Let the content do the job.”

Frederic has been following the latest SEO updates and strategy on different networks for small and large businesses including his own network for 10 years, ensuring its marketing strategy and visibility on search engines. After this rewarding experience, he jumped in and joined Atalanta to take care of the SEO and marketing strategy department.

Antoine Chérel

Designer and Front-end Engineer

“Think mobile! Only essential elements have to be shown.”

Antoine has run his own business as a User Experience Designer and Front-end Engineer from 2004 to 2009. After this exciting and sucessful solo adventure, he decided to create Atalanta, a full integrated-skills web agency.

Now, Antoine takes care of the projects management. Hence he is the right one to turn to when you have any inquiry. He still ensures the UX design and Front-end development.

Geraud Lacheny


“Program is complete? Never! You just stop working on it…”

Geraud takes care of the programing department.